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This article was written by Nauzet Armas, from Avanzado 2.

How many times have you thought “if I had spoken English, I’d have obtained that job” or “if I spoke English more fluently, I could travel to anywhere around the whole world”…? Did you know that most of the students at Official Languages Schools succeed passing all the school planning?

  The first thing you should know is that learning a language is the most demanded aspect in job interviews nowadays, due to the globalization our society is living. So, you’ll probably need a second or even a third language to get a job because you need to communicate with customers or colleagues from other countries. Companies like Google, Apple, or Coca Cola are opening new headquarters almost every day all around the world.

Moreover, it’s well known that if you want to travel on your own, it would be very interesting the fact that you could get on with the language as you wouldn’t need a dictionary or an automatic translator.

So, If I’ve got you to be interested in learning languages such as English, French or whatever, you might take a look to an Official Languages School like There, you are going to be plenty informed of what you need to sign up so that you can attend lessons and be a multilingual person in less time that you’re thinking about.

Here you can see a link to see the things you can do there: 

Don’t be shy and go straight from your mouth to the World!


I know you love the wonderful world of prepositions. So do I. Well, I’ve found these two wonderful presentations about the prepositions we have to deal with and I would like to share them with you. They appear in the web Slideshare, a place where you can find all kinds of slideshows or presentations about different topics. You can also upload your own presentations and share them with the world. I was going to preper a presentation for you, but then I remembered this wonderful site and found them ready for me.

After watching the presentations, you can also practise with some online activities like the ones you can find in the site English as a Second Language, where you can also find great explanations. Here, in the site Eslpartyland you also have more online activities on prepositions.

All this information, apart from you can find in your grammar book and in your coursebook, should be enough for you not to have problems with these prepositions anymore. Bye!

Check after the slideshows because there are even more online activities you can do at home.

Everybody likes to think about being in paradise, and everyone has their own idea about it, about where and how is paradise. What about you? Do you know the paradise? Do you know your own paradise? I am going to tell you about mine, you might agree with me, or not.

I am that kind of person who enjoys being outdoors, wildlife and nature. For this reason a few years ago I decided to do a trip, my destination would be Costa Rica. I would do the travel on my own, only my bag, my camera and me. That was my first flight crossing the ocean and my first trip alone, but I only have good memories about it.

I was there for 6 weeks and during that time I visited several places in the country and every place was amazing. I could see lots of different animals while I was walking in the jungles or diving in the sea. It was the best experience I have ever had in my life. I met a lot of people and I could be in places where I have never thought I could be ever. During my trip I also wrote a diary that I uploaded in the Internet, although it is in Spanish.

For these reasons I think that Costa Rica is  paradise, good people, good weather, good landscapes, and a lot of things to discover and enjoy. Where is yours?

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Hello everybody, it’s raining a lot right now, I’m writing from our classroom and what I can see from our window is awesome. Well, today we’ve been dealing with some pronouns and we saw a slide presentation. The aim of this post is sharing that presentation with you so that you can re-read it again in class.

See you later!!!!

Today’s listening activity is a big difficult, but it’s quite fun and worth a try. Please read the questions carefully, at least twice, and then play the recording twice. You can leave your results in the comments section.

Activity:  Dating Woes

You can find more activities like this one at Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab, and even more under our page “resources”>”links“.

I have to tell you that there is not much you can do if you haven’t worked within the year to improve you English, but you still have 2 weeks to practise as much as possible and try to do your best in your final and certificate exams.

As you know, this blog is full of resources thought for our students and for everybody who wants to practise English. I just want to give you some recommendations for these last days:

  • Read as much as you can:
  • Listen to English everyday, you can check our resources section.
  • Watch TV, news, series, etc in English of course.
  • Listen to songs in English, when driving, working at home, etc.
  • Do exams, you can find many examples here.

What do you do to practise for your exams? Why don’t you leave your answer in the comments section and practise your writing at the same time?

I remember when I first studied reported speech. Everything seemed so difficult to understand. Unfortunately, in those times we didn’t have so many resources. I only had my class notes and maybe a couple of photocopies my teacher had given me.

But this is not your case. I have selected a list of links where you can find different explanations and activities. Visit them and try to read the explanations, sometimes a different point of view can help you solve a doubt you have. I also encourage you to do the online activities, they’re a fast way to assess your learning and to practise.

These are the links I’ve selected for you:

The EOI Cartagena has published two posts on Reported Speech, you can see them here: Reported Speech 1, Reported Speech (theory).

English Grammar Online 4U: here you can find all the explanations you need with examples and online activities.

Englisch Hilfen: Here you also have explanations and online activities.

Finally, this is the slideshow presentation I created to help you with reported speech. I hope it works for you.

If you find any other interesting link, just send me an email or leave a comment. See you!

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