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This is another great article written by our student Carlos Mateos.

A short activity in one of our lessons called Say something nice (see this link) reminded me this short film entitled Validation (2007).


(Automatic subtitles can be enabled, although they don’t work perfectly. Other copies of the video can be found, even with Spanish subtitles.)

It’s 15 minutes long. If it’s too long for you, I recommend watching it in two parts, from the beginning until watching “NOTICE OF TERMINATION” (7:36) and the rest in this link.

I hope you like it. Maybe, it touches your heart!

Do you think the attitude of the main character is believable? Do you like it?


Do you remember when Mario Casas came to Guía to make a film last year? The traffic literally stopped for the day. We love to see films made and catch a glimpse of famous actors. And we also love to visit film locations, and take a selfie in the same place as if we were Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. Here are two videos about two locations that have been used for films. The first is of Chatsworth House which was Darcy’s stately home Pemberley in the film version of Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice”. Many people now visit Chatsworth House to imagine themselves in the romantic lead roles.

Another film location is the university city of Cambridge. Have you seen the film about Stephen Hawking “The Theory of Everything”? And you also see Ely Cathedral in “The King’s Speech”. You might also remember Trinity College in the film “Chariots of Fire”.

Writing a review is not difficult if you know how to. Here I leave you some examples and tips that will make your review a great success.

In this presentation created by my colleague Saro Rosales from EOI Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where you can see the structure of a film review.

The elements of a book or film review include:

Book/film  title
Genre and or Writing style
Background of the book/author/film/director
Adjectives to describe this book/film
Setting of the story (time and place)
Main characters and their roles in the book/film
Main story (in 2-3 sentences, what was the main conflict/problem?) (no spoilers, please)
Success of the book/film
Main themes/elements
Strengths of the book (why is it good?)
Weaknesses of the book (why isn’t it good?)
Is it recommended? Why or why not?

You can even include an anecdote of when you read/saw it and how you felt.


  • vocabulary for different book/film genres
  • useful words and expressions (like ‘is set in’, ‘takes place’, ‘revolves around’, ‘point of view’, ‘characterisation’, ‘dialogue’, ‘cast’, ‘special effects’, ‘filmograph’)
  • vocabulary for describing a story (compelling, fast-paced, dull, gripping, thrillingetc)
  • using quotes in a review (do we use citations, etc?)
  • passive voice (‘is set in’, ‘was written by’, ‘has been translated’, etc)
  • past or present participles
  • the way reviewers usually use present tense to describe the events of the story (yes, reviews are usually written in the present tense)


Finally, here you are some links where you can find authentic reviews that you can use as examples or just to know what to read/see next.

For reviews of books you can visit the following sites:

For film reviews you can visit these other sites:

Finally, if you want to know about any music, artist, cd, etc., you can visit these websites:

As said in class today, in this space you have to talk about your favourite film ever. These are the questions you have to answer:

  • Where is the film set?
  • Who are the main characters and who are they played by?
  • What is it about?
  • What is the most memorable scene?
  • What makes it so powerful / moving / dramatic, etc.?

With the answers, you have to write a small text and post it in the comments section. Here you are mine:

One of my favourite films is “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof“, with Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman. The plot is based on a play by Tennessee Williams, an important American playwright. These actors play the role of a married couple who are undergoing a deep crisis because of his problems with alcohol.

The action takes place inside a bedroom of his parents’ house, where they are spending some days to celebrate his father’s birthday.

What makes the film so memorable is not one single scene, as it is very intense since the very beginning. All the action is supported by their conversation and all the other characters of the film play appear just for a couple of minutes.

The quality of the lines and the performance of these two geniuses is what makes the film unforgettable.

Just take a look at this scene and see what I’m talking about.

As long as we have technical problems at school, I’ll be sharing some listening practice with you on our blog.

Today’s listening practice is made up by two activities you will be able to do while watching the trailer of the firlm “Remember Me”. You will have to fullfill two tasks, the first one is a gap-fill activity, and in the second one you’ll have to match some sentences. When you finish each activity, just click on “submit” and remember your results. I would appreciate that you left your results in the comments section.

Task one: gap-fill.

Task two: match the sentences halves.

Finally, you can click on the image to read something more about this film.


Under the Tuscan Sun is a very great romantic story, it talks about, a new life in other country, meeting good and new friends and pleasant surprises that life gives you.

Frances Mayes is an American writer, whose is recently divorce, she has been mired in a deep depression. Her best friend Patti, worried about her, she gives her a multi-day trip to the beautiful Italian Tuscany trying to lift her spirits. Once there, Frances sees a dilapidated house and decides to buy it, the house needs many reforms, but she is willing to restore it and start a new life. Frances makes new friends, discover herself and try to start a new life, she will realize that the fate brings her a lot of surprises. This is the best book I’ve read as a romantic comedy, like the movie as well. I recommend it to everyone who likes romantic comedies.

This is a short trailer of the film. Enjoy it!

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