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We have been using browsers for a long time but nowadays we can have even more facilities to surf on the net. Here you have some tools to make your “life” on the net easier. If you click on the images you will be transferred to a download area where you can get them.


This extension blocks flash content from been loaded until you want it, improving the loading time of the web pages.


Chrome Flags

            It displays a country flag that indicates the physical location of the website server. It also says if you can trust in the web page or not.

Chrome Flags

Hola better Internet

            This one is just a proxy (a server that makes the connections to the web page instead of you) that grants you access to websites that are only displayed in some countries.


Lazarus: Form Recovery

This extension will allow you to save your forms avoiding lose lots of time  filling them again. You will fill them only once. And all is completely safe and encrypted on your PC.


Hover Zoom

This extension just enlarges the images you mouse over in their full size without loading a new tab. And it resizes it if it’s too big for your window!

Hover Zoom

Evernote Web Clipper

With this extension you will be able to make lists, notes, attaching podcasts, images and other type of documents and share it with your smartphone and the other way around.


Google Dictionary

With this tool we can easily view a word’s definition (in English) just clicking on it. It’s a wonderful tool to learn new words or read texts without having to search new words in a dictionary or in a new tab of the browser.

Google Dictionary

Word Highlight

This extension highlights keywords and Google searches. It is useful to find information in long texts.

I hope you find them useful. Thanks for reading.


I’m sure you all know Google is an awesome tool and both teachers and students can find lots of utilities among their services: Google search, images, videos, blogger, maps, drive, docs, etc.

Today we are presenting a way to search texts by their reading level. The tool is not 100% efficient, but can help. Just follow the steps on the image and you’ll find texts adapted to the level you are looking for.

Carlos Martín presenting at TEA, 25.11.2011

Carlos Martín presenting at TEA, 25.11.2011

Carlos Martín visited us yesterday and shared with us part of his knowledge of some Google Tools. During his presentation we could learn about Google Docs, Google +, Blogger, Gmail, among other utilities.

Below you can see the presentation he used, in case you feel like watching it again or even download it. I also recommend you to follow Carlos on twitter if you use the service, as he posts materials for students on a daily basis.

If you have any further question or would like to know more about the tools presented yesterday, please leave your comments below.

We would also like to know if you enjoyed the presentation, what you learned, and what you think you might be using in the future.

I can promise you that writing a blog demands a lot of work, but if you add the creation and maintenance of wikis, sites, etc. All the time in the world is not enough.

Carlos Martín works as an English teacher at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Los Cristianos and is a pioneer in the use of web 2.0 in his teaching practice. Let’s take a look at the things he is using with his students right now:

Carlos’s English Corner: This is Carlos’ blog. It’s similar to our blog and he uses it to publish links, references to sites, etc.

My English Site: This is a site that Carlos Martín has created to share materials and interesting links with his students. I especially recommend you the section where he includes places you can find native speakers for a language exchange, it’s at the home page.

Shared items in Google Reader: In this site Carlos adds links to podcasts and activities he finds interesting for his students.

Twitter: You can follow Carlos on Twitter. This is his username: Carlos38205.

Now it’s the moment to visit Carlos Martín’s sites and leave the comment here with your opinion. See you!

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