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This article was written by Sibisse Sosa, from Avanzado 2.

Nowadays, we buy fruits and vegetables but we do not know where they come from or how they have been grown up: if they have used any fertilized or non-authorized poison, if the workers are fairly paid, and so on. Do we know what we eat?

A good alternative is to cultivate your own orchard in your house. No much space is necessary, even if you live in a big city. Moreover, you can full your larder with products from ecological shops.

According to some studies, working with the land take you in contact with nature and benefits your health, it allows you to burn the same calories as thirty minutes of aerobics. A study conducted in 2011 in Holland, quoted in an article by CNN Health, half an hour dedicated to cultivate a garden, can significantly reduce your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone produced.

Do you remember the smell of oranges, apples, strawberries? When you taste ecological food or cultivated by yourself, you realize the difference, you rediscover the yummy fruits.

My personal experience in growing small gardens has been very positive and today I have planted several lettuce and spices and my meals are better with them. I encourage you to grow up your own orchard and enjoy it.


When summer arrives it is common seeing advertises of dangers of tanning. However, it has positive effects on us too and specialists have studied it lately.

The main beneficial effect is that it supplies Vitamin D. It is important for our body because it helps to absorb dairy foods and to prevent different types of cancers, and other diseases.

Another favourable aspect is that it can improve your mood. Experts say that people living in colder countries are more likely to depression because of their low exposure to sunlight. So people living in warmer countries generally seem to be happier and fully alive.

An interesting fact is that it helps to have a better sleep. It seems that in a cloudy day we feel drowsy because we do not see the sunlight directly. So if we go outside for at least 10 minutes everyday we will sleep healthier.

Finally, we are lucky to see the sunlight almost everyday, but we have to be careful about the exposure time we spend under it. Next video shows us a cat that without being aware of it looks for the sun and its warms rays.

Even though you might not realise, stress takes part of our daily life. It is that inner enemy that goes with us everywhere causing us tension, irritability, inability to concentrate and a variety of physical symptoms such as chronic fatigue, digestive problems or heart diseases. Continue reading

In our country, thousands of ill people depend on a transplant to survive. People with kidney or heart troubles, leukaemia, lymphoma or just an operation need someone’s solidarity. For many sick people, this is their only chance. Blood or organs can not be manufactured. It is necessary to obtain them from altruistic people. Continue reading

Cholera appeared for the first time in the Indian subcontinent in 1817. Since that moment, seven pandemics have taken place in many different countries around the world, reaching Europe in 1839. Nowadays, this disease is not really taken into account in developed countries. However, millions of people  are undergoing this condition worldwide. Continue reading

In Chinese medicine, chi is the energy flow of the body. Acupunture can make a person´s energy flow in a more balanced way again. Acupuncture can benefit most people who suffer from any disease or pain. In China it is used as an anaesthetic.

Before starting a treatment, the acupuncturist rewiews the patient´s medical history. He also takes the patient´s pulse. By doing this, he can decide whether the patient´s body is being affected by either blockages or surges of energy. The body´s energy flow can be increased or reduced by inserting and twisting the needles. According to the acupuncturist, conventional medicine is becoming less personal.

Currently, doctors and above all house doctors do not have enough time to spend on each patient. As a consequence, it is often easier and quicker for them to prescribe pills than to give proper personal attention. Some people prefer acupuncture to conventional treatment because they believe they are in better control of their bodies. Finally, what acupuncture does is to encourage the body to heal itself, which is, after all, a natural tendency.

As far migraine is concerned, several aspects such as certain foods and wine, or if a person does not sleep well are the principal factors to produce pounding headache. Painkillers are an adequate way to treat migraine, but they do not always work. In alternative therapy, the use of acupuncture reduces mild attacks. To keep a patient free from attacks, it is usually sufficient to have six treatment sessions.

As I told you, yesterday we finished with the topic “health”. Notwithstanding, Carlos has sent me this video I can’t help posting. It made me cry. Watch it and leave your comment about how it made you feel.

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