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This article was written by Nauzet Armas, from Avanzado 2.

How many times have you thought “if I had spoken English, I’d have obtained that job” or “if I spoke English more fluently, I could travel to anywhere around the whole world”…? Did you know that most of the students at Official Languages Schools succeed passing all the school planning?

  The first thing you should know is that learning a language is the most demanded aspect in job interviews nowadays, due to the globalization our society is living. So, you’ll probably need a second or even a third language to get a job because you need to communicate with customers or colleagues from other countries. Companies like Google, Apple, or Coca Cola are opening new headquarters almost every day all around the world.

Moreover, it’s well known that if you want to travel on your own, it would be very interesting the fact that you could get on with the language as you wouldn’t need a dictionary or an automatic translator.

So, If I’ve got you to be interested in learning languages such as English, French or whatever, you might take a look to an Official Languages School like There, you are going to be plenty informed of what you need to sign up so that you can attend lessons and be a multilingual person in less time that you’re thinking about.

Here you can see a link to see the things you can do there: 

Don’t be shy and go straight from your mouth to the World!


I have to tell you that there is not much you can do if you haven’t worked within the year to improve you English, but you still have 2 weeks to practise as much as possible and try to do your best in your final and certificate exams.

As you know, this blog is full of resources thought for our students and for everybody who wants to practise English. I just want to give you some recommendations for these last days:

  • Read as much as you can:
  • Listen to English everyday, you can check our resources section.
  • Watch TV, news, series, etc in English of course.
  • Listen to songs in English, when driving, working at home, etc.
  • Do exams, you can find many examples here.

What do you do to practise for your exams? Why don’t you leave your answer in the comments section and practise your writing at the same time?

Hello guys!

This week in Avanzado 2 we´re looking at varieties of English, and more specifically, at English spoken by non-native speakers.  Here in this video you can watch an English lad speaking in no less than 24 different accents!! I think he´s pretty good at it. I must warn you, though, that there´s quite a lot of profanity in the video, but I believe that profanity is part of the language, and you should be able to recognize it for what it is.

Leave a comment saying which accent(s) were easier and/or harder for you to understand.

Our Learning Space

Our Learning Space

Today I have discovered a new blog for Advanced 1 students. Notwithstanding, I think it’s useful for Intermediate 2 and Advanced 2. Its name is Our Learning Space. This is just one of the blogs published by the EOI Arucas and it is written by the teacher Diane Boggs.

The blog comprises different sections about grammar, vocabulary, culture, etc. Besides, it contains links to other blogs, resources, dictionaries, etc.

All in all, Our Learning Space is an interesting tool that will help you a lot this year. Why don’t you visit it and leave a comment saying what you think about it? is a site where you can submit or do a quiz based on a video.

Videos are organised in categories, depending on the level of the activity. After selecting a video, you can decide if you want to see these items:

  • Questions
  • Transcrip
  • Notes

I think is a good option to practise your English, because videos and activities are uploaded and created by teachers or people involved in the learning and teaching of English as a Second Language (ESL).

I hope you enjoy it!

Yappr is a site created to practise English with videos and games. For some of its features, a fee is reqeusted, but you can use most of them for free. Let’s take a look at the site.

  • Videos: You can watch a video (music, news, spots, etc.) and see its transcription and translation.
  • Pronunciation: You need to install a programme to use this feature.
  • Games: You can play the following games:
  1. Alphabet Soup: The classical game where you have to find words.
  2. Bank Robber: Guess the word before the robber takes all the money.
  3. Twist List: Find words with the given letters reading their definition or translation.
  • Community: This section includes a chat room and a message board.

As you have seen, Yappr is a place full of possibilities. A different way to practise English. See you!

Our classmate Cristina has written this blogpost that continues after my words. It’s really good, so I hope you enjoy it:

It seems that we have to be patient because Apple is delaying the international iPad launch.
The company announced  that they had to delay the international selling of  the new iPad tablet computer to the end of May, due to the strong demand  in US. The sellings were so high that many stores were collapsed so the company had forced to advise the selling by Internet.

Apple said “we have sold 500,000 iPads in the US in the first week after the April 3 launch of the device, the demand is far higher that we predicted that it will probably exceed our supply”.
The company has predicted to sell from 1 to 5 millions of iPads the first year, although, the demand can reach 10 millions, just in 2010.

At present, in US, it is available with Wi-Fi, but by the end of April there will be 3G models.

Therefore, people from Spain, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Japan and Australia who want to enjoy an iPad will have to wait a little.

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