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Hello, everybody. Some weeks ago we published a post with a link to the online activities for our book, New English File Upper-Intermediate. Now that we’ve finished File one, you can review all items seen following these links:

Don’t forget to finish all the activities for File 1 on your Workbook and play the CD-Rom for supplementary activities. You can rewatch the section “Colloquial English” and do more grammar and vocabulary activities among others.

Once you’ve finished with the activities on the website, please leave a comment saying if they were useful or not.

See you!!!


Our Learning Space

Our Learning Space

Today I have discovered a new blog for Advanced 1 students. Notwithstanding, I think it’s useful for Intermediate 2 and Advanced 2. Its name is Our Learning Space. This is just one of the blogs published by the EOI Arucas and it is written by the teacher Diane Boggs.

The blog comprises different sections about grammar, vocabulary, culture, etc. Besides, it contains links to other blogs, resources, dictionaries, etc.

All in all, Our Learning Space is an interesting tool that will help you a lot this year. Why don’t you visit it and leave a comment saying what you think about it?

Our classmate Cristina has written this blogpost that continues after my words. It’s really good, so I hope you enjoy it:

It seems that we have to be patient because Apple is delaying the international iPad launch.
The company announced  that they had to delay the international selling of  the new iPad tablet computer to the end of May, due to the strong demand  in US. The sellings were so high that many stores were collapsed so the company had forced to advise the selling by Internet.

Apple said “we have sold 500,000 iPads in the US in the first week after the April 3 launch of the device, the demand is far higher that we predicted that it will probably exceed our supply”.
The company has predicted to sell from 1 to 5 millions of iPads the first year, although, the demand can reach 10 millions, just in 2010.

At present, in US, it is available with Wi-Fi, but by the end of April there will be 3G models.

Therefore, people from Spain, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Japan and Australia who want to enjoy an iPad will have to wait a little.

This is the second article we devote to describing the sites that allow practise your writing skills. You can read our previous article here.

Writing a diary

A  good option to practise language skills is using one of the sites to write a personal diary that can be private or public. Let’s see some of the options that the net offers.

  • is a place where you can create calendars, journals, take notes, etc. It’s free and can be used from your computer or your mobile phone. It also allows synchronization with Facebook, Google Calendar and Twitter among others.
  • Open Diary offers the possibility of creating a public personal diary.
  • Penzu is a community focused on private journals. As a characteristic, it offers the possibility of adding pictures.

Many of my students are very worried about their speaking skills. Before internet appeared in our lives, the only possibility that we had, was to find a native speaker to do a language exchange. When I was a child and a teenager, I was always eager to find any British or Irish girl on the beaches of Gran Canaria to practise my English. I even found some penpals with my elaborated methods: smiling a lot and trying to speak with anybody who spoke English. Later, at university, it was easier because we always had some Erasmus students around.

Nowadays you don’t have to run after a native speaker, you have many sites that enable the possibility of language exchanges between students. Let’s see some of them:

  • My language exchange offers both voice and text exchange.
  • Conversation exchange offers the possibility of finding a conversation partner for live practice, pen-pals and voice and text chats.
  • Shared Talk is a Language Exchange Community that allows voice and text exchanges.
  • The Language Exchange is a place that also allows finding partners to share voice and text exchanges.
  • xLingo is a Language Exchange Community that help students to find conversation partners. Conversations take place using Skype.
  • Busuu is a community that, among other things, allows languages exchanges based on tasks. You can read our previous post, which is a thorough explanation of Busuu.

As you have seen, there are many possibilities (many more than the listed here), and if you want to practise a bit, you can just click on one of the links given and start practising.

Students of English as a Second Language are always eager to improve their listening skills. Many of them are even obsessed with the idea of doing listening comprehension activities as the only means to improve.

Fortunately, there are many other more interesting ways to listen to English easily. Today I would like to suggest you two sites that can help you with task.

If you want to listen to the radio, you could try the BBC, especially the Learning English section, where you can find podcasts, interviews, activities and many other things.

But if you prefer watching tv, you could try visiting the site, where you can watch series online and for free. You have numerous options, depending on your preferences. I would recommend you watching Friends, of course, or How I Met Your Mother.

If you want to know more about listening, just click the tag you can find on the right column of our blog to discover other ways and links that could be useful for you.

How do you practise listening? Please leave your answer in the forum section.

This week we are going to learn how to write a good review. What can we review? Books, music, TV programmes, films, museums, places to visit, etc. But we are not going to deal with all these topics. Anyway, I’m going to leave you some links where you can find authentic reviews that can help you improve your own writing:

For reviews of books you can visit the following sites:

For film reviews you can visit these other sites:

Finally, if you want to know about any music, artist, cd, etc., you can visit these websites:

Please, read or listen to one review at least, and share what you’ve found out in the comments section.

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