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Soundhound is a free mobile application which is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and Ovi phones. I discovered it yesterday and I think it can be used for autonomous learning.

These are the features of this app:

  • What’s that song: You only have to approach the mic of your device to a source of music and it will recognise the song in seconds. You can also sing the song yourself or hum it. Its results are incredible.
  • Say search: You can say the name of an aritst or song and find the results.
  • iPod integration: The app can access your library for you to play your music directly from the app and thus obtain further information as lyrics, artist, etc.
  • Lyrics: You can find the lyrics of a song directly on the app at the same time as you listen to the song.
  • Links: When you select a song, you’ll find links to the iTunes Store, youtube and Twitter.
  • Sharing: You will be able to share your music to your favourite social networks directly from the app.
  • Discovery: You can use the app to discover different song from the same artist or from related artists.
  • Spotify: On your iPad you will be able to listen to your song on Spotify.

I find this app ideal as any learner can listen to a song and read its lyrics to practise vocabulary or pronunciation. I also enjoy playing music in class and I’m sure this app will help me find new things for my students. I already love this app. Why don’t you try it yourself?

You can also read this article here.


Are there aliens in New York?

UFO over New York

Image taken from here

There are aliens there, but they don’t come from the outer space. Well, who knows, ha ha ha!

As an exercise for illustrating stereotypes, the Advanced Level class book includes the song “Englishman in New York” by Sting.

Could you imagine what would happen if the song talked about a Jamaican man there? Well, Shinehead answers the question singing “Jamaican in New York”:

Even Mecano, the Spanish group from the eighties, imagined a Spanish man there: “No hay marcha en Nueva York”, ha ha ha!

Both songs even include saxophone solos. Curious, isn’t it?

Do you know any other similar song? If so, don’t hesitate and let us know, please!

Yappr is a site created to practise English with videos and games. For some of its features, a fee is reqeusted, but you can use most of them for free. Let’s take a look at the site.

  • Videos: You can watch a video (music, news, spots, etc.) and see its transcription and translation.
  • Pronunciation: You need to install a programme to use this feature.
  • Games: You can play the following games:
  1. Alphabet Soup: The classical game where you have to find words.
  2. Bank Robber: Guess the word before the robber takes all the money.
  3. Twist List: Find words with the given letters reading their definition or translation.
  • Community: This section includes a chat room and a message board.

As you have seen, Yappr is a place full of possibilities. A different way to practise English. See you!

Lyrics Training

Lyrics Training

As you might remember, this is not the first post I’ve written about songs. This time I would like to recommend you the site Lyrics Training, where you can practise your English with the lyrics of songs given. You have a wide variety of songs to work with. First, you choose the song, according to your level. And then you can select the difficulty of the task (easy, medium or expert).

When the game starts, you see a video with the song, and can read the lyrics below. The activity consists of filling in the blanks. But it doesn’t stop there, you can rewind, restart, and, what’s best, when you stop to think, the song stops to and starts from the previous sentence. Isn’t it wonderful? Now it’s your time to practise.

See you!

Songs can help you with your English in many senses. With them, you can learn pronunciation, vocabulary, structures, communicative functions, etc.

I’ve found a very interesting activity you could do at home reading Nik’s Daily English Activities. This blog offers you different activities which are summarised in this list.

The activity I’ve chosen for you is about memorising songs. You can do it using two websites called YouLyrics and Memorize Now. In this article you have all the steps you have to follow to perform the activity.

I hope you enjoy this new learning experience.

Hello everybody!

As you know, Let Me Entertain You is the title of a song by Robbie Williams. I’m writing this post to show you some links that can help you to know more things about this wonderful artist.

This is the direct link to Robbie Williams Official Website. Here you can find photos, images, music and you can also read his blog.

If you want to know about his amazing life, just visit the Wikipedia, and you’ll be able to read about his discography, his achivements and his life, among other things.

If you really like Robbie Williams and his music, don’t forget that his new album Reality Killed the Video Star will be realeased on November 9th. You can watch his new videoclip in his Official Website.

Finally, I leave you with this video, where you can listen to the song Let Me Entertain You and read its lyrics at the same time.

Hello, everybody! How are you this year. I hope The Three Kings have brought loads of presents to you.

A new year has started and we want to do all the things we haven’t done the previous one. Well, here you can read a list of the most common New Year’s Resolutions people make.

If you want to start 2009 being more polite you can read this article published in the Daily Telegraph. Here you will find 25 ways of being more polite in 2009.

If you want to know what people do in the world to celebrate the New Year, you can visit this site.

Finally, you can watch this video of ABBA singing a song called “Happy New Year” and read the lyrics here.

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