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Hello, everybody. Some weeks ago we published a post with a link to the online activities for our book, New English File Upper-Intermediate. Now that we’ve finished File one, you can review all items seen following these links:

Don’t forget to finish all the activities for File 1 on your Workbook and play the CD-Rom for supplementary activities. You can rewatch the section “Colloquial English” and do more grammar and vocabulary activities among others.

Once you’ve finished with the activities on the website, please leave a comment saying if they were useful or not.

See you!!!


As promised, here I leave you the presentation we saw in class to practise the pronunciation of these sounds.

Unfortunately, Spanish native speakers use both the sounds /b/ and /v/ for letters “b”and “v”. This makes that Spanish-speaking students of English have many problems making difference between these sounds. If you want to improve the pronunciation of these sounds you can check these video lessons taken from the BBC website.

If you want to practise the pronunciation of /b/,  see this video.

If you want to practise the pronunciation of /v/, see this other video.

Finally, you can see this presentation again to practise these sounds in context.

Some weeks ago we practised in class the pronunciation of the initial ‘s’ in English. I hope this post helps you to remember how to produce this sound.

Spanish speakers tend to add an /e/ when pronouncing the words beginning with an ‘s’. Remember, the only thing you have to do is trying to start the word with a long ‘sssssss” sound without saying ‘e’. You can use these sentences to practise the sounds.

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