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Don´t forget, dear Advanced 1 students, to read the article I gave you before the exams. You have the key attached.

This will focus us on the new Environment theme which I look forward to telling you about .Image


Last but not least, here is the wonderful Project by the group composed of Janeka, Alberto, David and Alejandro. Enjoy!!!

CAM02045presentacion ok

The Advanced 1 group have done  wonderful job with their

                      ICONS: A Portrait of Britain Project

Well done, everyone! Here is the photo of Eva, Cristina, Nauzet, Gustavo, Vero, Javi and Rogelio. Unfortunately their lovely presentation was done on Prezi…and we cannot upload it to WordPress.. I´m working on it!!


All ready to go!

Here is the presentation of the group composed of Juan Carlos, Sarai, Aarón, Raquel , Maria José and Zeneida. Wonderful! Well done!! CAM02040Icon – 2007 v01

Here is the great presentation done by the group composed of José, Patricia, Tino, Sibisse, Jenny, Ana and Natalia. Fab!!

CAM02048GLOBAL 2003

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