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When summer arrives it is common seeing advertises of dangers of tanning. However, it has positive effects on us too and specialists have studied it lately.

The main beneficial effect is that it supplies Vitamin D. It is important for our body because it helps to absorb dairy foods and to prevent different types of cancers, and other diseases.

Another favourable aspect is that it can improve your mood. Experts say that people living in colder countries are more likely to depression because of their low exposure to sunlight. So people living in warmer countries generally seem to be happier and fully alive.

An interesting fact is that it helps to have a better sleep. It seems that in a cloudy day we feel drowsy because we do not see the sunlight directly. So if we go outside for at least 10 minutes everyday we will sleep healthier.

Finally, we are lucky to see the sunlight almost everyday, but we have to be careful about the exposure time we spend under it. Next video shows us a cat that without being aware of it looks for the sun and its warms rays.


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