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Is this true or not?! Well, it certainly was in the 80s when I used to listen to this, haha! Check out the hair, the clothes!

Enjoy Cyndi Lauper at her best! Can you imagine she´s now 60!?


Do you know Michael Bublé? Here´s a nice selection of songs by the melodious Michael!

In the UK we just love Christmas pop songs, so here´s a nice selection from the show GLEE for you to enjoy!


Here’s the video of Summer Nights that we listened to in class.  This video has the lyrics so you can sing along in the privacy of your own home – go on, now you can really pretend you are John Travolta or Olivia Newton John, and do the ‘walla walla walla’ dance.  Can you see any difference between the lyrics on the photocopy and the ones on the video.  I found 2 different verbs.  So don’t worry if you didn’t hear the verbs in class – some people hear one verb, others hear another!  Enjoy the song.

Having heard what good voices you have, here are two videos for you to sing along to.  The first is the song we sang in class, The Winner Takes it All’ and the second is ‘Waterloo’.  So get out your platform shoes and silver spray-on trousers, and in the privacy of your own home, give it all you’ve got!

And do you remember the film ‘Mamma Mia’?  This film is based on the songs of Abba with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan as the lead couple.  In this scene, Meryl Streep sings ‘The Winner Takes it All’.  Can you find the differences between the film version and the original version?  Answer in class next week.

Finally for those diehard fans, click here for the link to the International Abba Fan Club website…


Here are two songs from our English lessons.

Last week we sang ‘It don’t impress me much!’  Here’s the video of the singer Shania Twain peforming it live so you can sing along in the comfort of your own home.


Can you find the photocopy of the song ‘Dedicated Follower of Fashion’ by the Kinks, which we didn’t have time to do in class?  Here’s the song.  Try to fill in the gaps and then after the video below, check the answers.  Of course, don’t forget to sing!


Answers:   (loud, square, boutiques, trends, flower, tight, stripes, his best, butterfly):

Given these days’ news, I’d bet nobody would believe me if I said that I had already thought about this article some weeks ago due to one of the lessons in the book for Advance Level 2. But those news are just one more proof of the title. Continue reading

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