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Soon we are having our first official speaking test, and I’m sure that at this point you are a bit scared, but you don’t have to as we are going to deal with this issue in class and practise a lot. Indeed, we practise our speaking everyday, don’t we.

Here you can see the list of possible topics seen in class. I hope you can make good use of it.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

topics for speaking test


Most of you have taken your speaking test last week, but if you haven’t these are some last-minute tips for you. This is just a reminder of the things we’ve already told you in class.
-Arrive at school earlier and have a conversation in English with your partner. If your partner hasn’t arrived, you’ll find somebody to talk to in English around.

-Don’t panic, our teachers are really warming and are conscious of how you might be feeling, they will help you in every moment.

-Don’t feel depressed if you see teachers writing all the time, they do write both good and bad things.

-During the monologue you can look at your partner, you’ll feel less nervous.

-During the dialogue try to be gentle with your partner, trying to let him speak and opening the conversation if it’s sort of finishing before time. Try to participate in the conversation with long and elaborated sentences, don’t say just yes or no.

Both if you are taking your speaking test tomorrow or not, this is your song. Repeat its message to yourself.

Don’t give up, keep on trying.

If you are taking your speaking test this week and you don’t know what you should be able to do, here’s a a list of videos that can help you with this issue. These videos have been designed to exemplify the levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You can visit the Wikipedia if you don’t know what we are talking about.

The correspondence with our levels is as follows:





How this site works

  • Click on this link
  • Click on any of the names given, you’ll be shown several videos. You might be given a message saying that you need to use a plugin, say  “yes”, it’s completely safe.
  • Each pair of names represents a pair of students with certain level. You can try to guess their level or just go to the next step.
  • If you click on  LEVELS, you’ll be taken to a document with the level of each of the students shown on the videos.
  • If you click on comments, you’ll see what teachers have said about their performance.

Now it’s your time to decide if you are prepared for your exam or not.

These videos have been taken from the Centre international d’etudes pédagogiques.

Hi, there!

Last week most of you had your last speaking test with me. Next week you’ll have your Pruebas de Certificación, and you need as much help as possible. Today I’ve found this wonderful document in the blog From Cangas with Love, written by some teachers of an EOI in Asturias.

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