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Written by Elba Lago

10454338_10152625676571137_4651866756528664746_n 10857782_10152651951006137_4663587837892159874_n 11693806_10153137191586137_3480879342714513702_n 12509037_10153532443931137_4890965634385898540_n 20141020_194625 20150819_203733Tired of visiting crowded places where the word “relax” is just a highlight in the spa flyer? Looking forward to finding that peaceful place to enjoy as a local citizen?

I think the Canary Islands is the answer to all your wishes.


Nowadays  it is very easy to get lost when we are booking our holiday.  There are too many hunters who look for the best businesses, such as tour operators, agencies or intermediaries. For this reason,  we visit forums or web pages where we can find the opinion of someone else.

To help you choosing the best trip destination I will show a little bit of the place where I live, so it is you who decides. It is called Canary Islands, the Spanish paradise, long time ago we were known as “The Lucky Islands”.

We enjoy fabulous weather all over the year. It is 26 degrees roughly almost most of the time and it rarely rains. In here, you will find one of the best sunsets in the world.


Apart from our beautiful beaches you can enjoy the attractive view in the forest forest. High mountains that, in clear days, act as balconies from where you can see the rest of the archipelago.


If you are a food passionate I am sure you will be delighted with our lovely traditional dishes. Fresh, juicy and tasty vegetables make up our diet.

For these and many more reasons, you might want to visit The Canaries.

Do not let anyone tell you about it.




This article was written by Cristina Santana from Avanzado 2. 

The treasure of the capital of Gran Canaria island is Las Canteras Beach. It is a special place visited by the majority of residents of the city and tourists who visit the island.

With 3 kilometres of length, it is one of the best urban beaches from the country, there is good weather almost all the time of the year. Also, it has golden sand and calm water, so it is a place where you can walk along the sand, doing water sports or swimming to “La Barra”, a large rocky formation that is not far away from the seashore, 200 meters more or less. This beach is changeable, due to the changes in tides, you never see the same beach every day, it is changing continuously. Moreover, it is a large reserve of marine life, so, thousand kinds of fish are found in its depths.

The promenade next to the beach, from Alfredo Kraus auditorios to La Puntilla is full of restaurants of fresh fish or ice-cream shop, for example “Peña La Vieja” is one of them, 100% recommendable. It also has a lot of services like lifeguard post and first aid, access for people with reduced mobility, rental of beach umbrellas and deck chairs or WI-FI connection.

If you visit Gran Canaria, do not forget to visit this beach. You love it!

This blogpost was written by Alberto Cubas from Avanzado 2. 

It is Friday afternoon and you do not have any plan for this weekend? Do you fancy hiking and visiting natural landscapes?  Don’t worry, you live in the perfect island!

Gran Canaria is called a “Miniature Continent” due to the different climates and variety of landscapes found. This island has beaches, dunes, mountains… a multitude of places where you can enjoy alone or with relatives and friends. Let’s discover some of the places and venues you shouldn’t miss.

The island possesses 32 Natural Protected Spaces, such as the Rural Park of Nublo, The Doramas Jungle, the Azuaje Ravine, Tamadaba, Pino Santo… and four sites of scientific interest (Jinámar, Tufia, Roque de Gando and Juncalillo del Sur).

Roque Nublo is considered one of the most important volcanic rocks in the island, located in the municipality of Tejeda. Roque Nublo is 80 m tall, and its top is 1,813 m above sea level. It offers a view of endemic plants and the nicest landscapes of Gran Canaria. This natural monument has a special value as a consequence of its symbolism and strategic position.

La Rama is a traditional party which takes place in Agaete, a small village in the north of the island. It is celebrated the 4th of August. Thousands of people walk every year the narrow streets of Agaete with big branches while they are dancing following the rhythm of La Banda de Agaete. La Rama is considered one of the most important festivities in the Canaries.

Las Canteras is an urban beach located in the capital of the island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This is a beach blessed with fine weather practically all year long, and where we can do different kinds of sports: scuba diving, surfing, swimming, volleyball… It has a peculiar feature, whose locals know as “La Barra”, a long rock formation spreading not far from the sand where people go swimming.

Next you can watch a video about the nicest sceneries of this beach.

This article has been written by María José Rodríguez, from Avanzado 2.

Gran Canaria hosts the only Spanish international race circuit attached to the Ultra Trail World Tour (UTWT): the Nort Face Transgrancanaria (125 km), becoming one of the events of reference for lovers of trail running.

The race runs through the most beautiful landscapes of the island of Gran Canaria, starting in Agaete and ending in Maspalomas.

The Transgrancanaria has been held on our island since October 2003. Participants can walk or run through the routes. The race is not designed only to test the elite, because it is also an adventure for everyone. The first edition in 2003 had a total of 65 participants. This year more than 3000 runners including 70 different nationalities took part in it. This makes this race the second  one worldwide in number of nationalities behind the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

Obviously this is an international impact for our island, being a unique showcase resort, especially for sports tourism, attracted by the scenic beauty and the excellent climate of Gran Canaria.

However, the step of so many runners during the celebration of the race causes an inevitable ecological impact. To minimize this issue, the organization conducts an annual reforestation project. It is their commitment with the environment.

Trail running allows us to enjoy nature in a different way. Moreover, it provides many health benefits, increasing your resistance and leg strength.

Definitely, it is more than just running: human endurance to the limit, the overcoming of our weaknesses.

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Have you ever thought about visiting Krakow ?

Have you imagined yourself walking through the streets of one of the most known Polish cities?

I would like to introduce this cold and beautiful city. As you may know, it is a historical place located in Poland. But are you able to point on a map where it is? Try to do it using the next map. Once you have chosen your answer, click on the image and a new one with the solution will appear.

Try to point Krakow on the map

Once you already know where your next destination is, you need to know how to get there from Warsaw, the capital city of the country. It’s as easy as taking a train and travelling south of Poland for 3 hours. To check the timetable of the main train company, click on the following picture.

Main Train Station, Krakow

St. Mary’s Church

Ok… you are now in Krakow, it isn’t too cold and the city looks incredible, but… Did you remember to book a hostel in advance? Take your time to do it before leaving home. Check this web to book a beautiful and cheap hostel in the city. I recommend staying in Florianska street.

This street is in the middle of the walled city and drives you to St. Mary’s Church, where every day you can hear a  trumpeter playing the same melody at the same hour from one of the windows on the top.

You can play the following video and hear the melody. But, remember, it worths listening to it in front of St. Mary’s Church. You can miss it if you go there.

If you want to know more about Krakow, check the blog for the next post where I will tell you the best places to visit and the best restaurants where you can taste polish food.

See you soon guys !!!!
And thank you for reading me =P

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