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Now that we have started with our book, it’s a good time to find out what it’s website has for us. The book New English File has a website which contains activities for all the contents seen in each file. Below you can see what I’m talking about. Just click on the image and do the online activities.

New English File Advanced


We have been studying adjectives ending in -ed and -ing to express feelings and experiences. Check this PowerPoint and share with your Facebook group situations in which we have felt like that. Just avoid talking about those “boring” teachers you’ve had. 😉

In Intermediate 1 we have been studying the vocabulary of clothes as well as the materials and patterns related to this topic of clothing. Use the above slideshare to tell what some of our celebrities are wearing in the attached photos. You can also click this link to see and name some of those items. Finally, if you want to revise the order of adjectives in English, check this slideshare or practise with some of the activities you will find in this website.

In class we learnt about the TV programme “Dragons’ Den” in which contestants present a business idea and try to get the financial backing of the multimillionaire business people, the “Dragons”.  Here’s the full video of Levi Roots when he got the backing for his hot sauce. If you don’t want to watch all 15 minutes of it, here’s the song he sang.

Now watch this interview with him about his life now. Answer these questions and find out if the answers are true or false.  You can check your answers here.

Remember, you can practise the vocabulary for work on the English File website here. And finally, why don’t you do this quick questionnaire on the website to find out if you have the correct balance between work and play?

Here’s a link to the text we read together about the common cold.  You may learn something that is useful at this time of the year when lots of people suddenly become ill.  The text is taken from New English File Intermediate Plus. You can also practise the vocabulary on “Health and Medicine” on their website here.

And finally, here is the video from the National Health Service (NHS) so you can do the listening exercise.  We’ll check the answers in the next lesson.  You can watch other videos about health and safety on their website here.  Have fun and stay healthy!


Get ready to express your opinion!

Our mid-term speaking test is around the corner. Get ready to express your opinion! Check the above table to find some expressions you can use when giving your opinion. Meet one of your classmates outside the classroom and practise your interaction task using some of the topics in the following list. They are all related to the topic of transport and vehicles we have studied on unit 3 (English File Intermediate). Check their website to review the vocabulary before you start talking like crazy! • Slow drivers cause more accidents than fast drivers. • People who drink and drive should lose their driving license for life. • Speed cameras do not stop accidents. • Drivers who are over 70 are as dangerous as young drivers. • The minimum age for riding a motorbike should be 25. • The speed limit on motorways should be lower.

Just before we start our Christmas holidays, test yourself with this quiz about X’mas vocabulary.

Are you ready now? Then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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