It’s going to become a tradition. Some comments are too good to leave them as such. Here’s Jesús opinion about Obama’s Inauguration and his role from now on. I’m sure you’ll enjoy his words.

I’m watching on Internet the ceremony. It’s really boring (music, poems,…). The best, Obama’s speech. The rest seems a Hollywood film. And Dick Cheany in wheelchair!!! It’s very hard man!!! Their worst final.
The world needs a new leader when the things don’t go well. Do you remember the film ‘Cinderella Man’? It was an economical crisis in the thirties too. Nowadays we are in a similar situation. We need only someone who show the way. Then, each of us has to make the rest.

What will the Obama’s role be in the next four years? It will not be easy. ‘Our friend’ George W. Bush had him a lot of problems around the world and his country:
1. Wars and diplomatic conflicts in all Asia (Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, …).
2. The same in the African continent.
3. Poor relations with Europe and South American Countries.
4. Problems with Russia by anti-rocket shield.
5. Didn’t sign Kioto’s Protocol and his policy on the climate change
6. Guantanamo
7. A financial crisis
8. Unemployment in USA
9. Lost of freedom and social guaranties of American people

Can Obama solve all those problems? At least he has other behavior. Perhaps he won’t get resolver everything, but he will give the first steps.
Yes we can!!!

See you
P.D. Bush, I hope not see you again!!!!