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Are you ready? We are! Just a short post to remind you that we are back at school and eager to start learning with you again. Ready, steady, go!!



Our students from Competencia Comunicativa, Francisca Lema and Patricia Arencibia have developed a wonderful project with pictures from the building of our school from the beginning of the XX century to nowadays. These pictures tell a wonderful story. Why don’t you take a look?

Click on the picture to see the images.

Captura de pantalla 2016-05-18 a las 18.58.14.png

This is another great article written by our student Carlos Mateos.

A short activity in one of our lessons called Say something nice (see this link) reminded me this short film entitled Validation (2007).


(Automatic subtitles can be enabled, although they don’t work perfectly. Other copies of the video can be found, even with Spanish subtitles.)

It’s 15 minutes long. If it’s too long for you, I recommend watching it in two parts, from the beginning until watching “NOTICE OF TERMINATION” (7:36) and the rest in this link.

I hope you like it. Maybe, it touches your heart!

Do you think the attitude of the main character is believable? Do you like it?

Today we’ve had a whole lesson about Adele and her new hit. I would like to know why the success, why all this fuss around her. Who knows?

The truth is this song is in my head since the moment I heard it for the first time. Isn’t it in yours?

Here you can see the videos we saw in class, in case you fancy watching them again.



The English Department from the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Santa María de Guía wishes you all Merry Christmas and Happy 2016.

In the year 2013 as part of the publicity campaign for the video game The raven, the company released a short interactive graphic novel.

If you want to practice your listening (with optional subtitles) in an entertaining way, give a try to this short prologue of a story about a master thief and a policeman obsesed with catching him.

It just takes from you between ten and twenty minutes. You just need to click in some points in the screen during the scenes, nothing else. Some texts can be reproduced clicking again in the same place, others can’t.

For some reason, the web version is not working with current Firefox or Internet Explorer/Edge, but it works with Opera or Chrome.  You can use it in your mobile phone or tablet too.

But, if you prefer just watching it as a movie, here it is:

I hope you enjoy it!

As we said in class, listening to podcast is an easy way to be in contact with the English language. You can listen to them anywhere and as many times as you want to. You only need to download an app on your smartphone, find a podcast you find easy to follow and interesting, and press play.

You can use a computer to listen to podcasts, but the easiest way is using a portable device. Here are my recommendations:

Podcast Addict for Android users.

Podcasts for iPhone, iPod and iPad users.

I recommend you the NPR programme “Fresh Air“. Why don’t you give it a chance?

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