Don’t you believe in curses? No? Are you sure? Really?

If you are part of this school, you should tremble from fear!

Broken leg
Once upon a time, in a little village on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there was a little language school. But even over the most remote place, a dark shadow can hover. Nobody knows very well when it started and nobody knows when it will release the school, but  the curse of the injured leg seems to be there, waiting for another victim.

At the beginning it was focused on teachers, but it didn’t take too long to open its fan of possibilities affecting students too. As time was passing by, we were falling one after another like flies. Now, it doesn’t make any distinction, so nobody seems to be safe from it!

No part of our legs seems to be out of reach for the curse: knees, ankles, feet… It seems to teach us that any part of our legs can be damaged. The sound of the crutches is familiar for everybody. Don’t laught at the lame people in the classroom, you might be the next one!

If you’re a student, you’d better finish your studies before it catches you! And if you’re a teacher, you may think about teaching in a safer place! Everybody’s warned, ha ha ha!

But, look at the bright side, you don’t need your feet to practise languages in the school, ha ha ha! Although, a lift would be welcome there, ha ha ha!

This is just a funny point of view about some events in our school. I hope this way of laughing at ourselves has made you laugh. However, ummmm, even the most skeptic person has to admit that statistically speaking, it is very unlikely to find such a high rate of leg injuries in such reduced population, ha ha ha!

Well, if one day you feel sad, just remember this quote by Lyn Karol:
“Learn to laugh about your own problems and you’ll never run out of things to laugh at.”