Written by Carmen G.Benítez.

Can you imagine entertainment without watching series? .The consumption of TV series has been growing over the years. Never there have been more series in the history of television than in 2015. The success of the series lies mainly in the great diversity of genres; there are series for all tastes (zombies, superheroes, and villains) and ages.


This success can be explained because of several reasons, the first reason I see is there are new ways of watching series. Watching TV series’ on the internet is a popular past-time. As a result, one does not need to download them, because streaming the series could be legal, easier and quicker. Yomvi is a well known platform for watching your favorite series.  Thousands of series and new episodes are available for streaming.  Furthermore, Netflix is a monthly online television service; currently it has more than 60 million users. Both of them are platforms of online television in which you can choose where and when you see TV.

Apart from that, let me show you a new term; Spin- off .A spin -off in television is a new series which contains characters, a different character or theme elements from a previous series. For example “Better call Saul” is a spin off from” Breaking Bad”.

Finally, today I am going to recommend you Outlander .It is the first in a series of eight historical multi-genre novels by Diana Gabaldon. It is a mix of historical, romance, adventure, and science fiction/fantasy elements.  It is an entertaining and gripping series and it has just finished the first season, so hurry up in order to watch the second season soon.